Big Boy Settles In


These are the adventures I have with my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. The events are real, but I may have changed names of people involved and left out some identifying details.

Big Boy Settles In - March 27, 2017

20 days later... The weather warms up enough and I am rested up enough that I was able to get Big Boy fully settled in. It also helped that both the title and my new insurance cards for the next term also came in the mail.

While I was waiting for the weather to warm up a little that day, I made a MP3 CD of my favorite songs. I later found that the folders and songs (labeled numerically) don't show up on the player. The songs just are in order but are numbered consecutively as if they are all in one folder. So I had to make an index cheat-sheet as well.

First, I had to get Big Boy a bath. With the big snowstorm, the salt on the roads and all, I didn't really think that the rain would have washed it all off. I went on up to the car wash and as usual for the past several years the machines to get tokens with a credit card were out of order. I wanted to get him a good vacuuming inside as well, which I figured I would need tokens. Luckily the vacuum cleaners also took quarters. But I didn't have any cash to get quarters.

Off to the local Walgreens. I needed something from there anyway. Thing is, they won't give you cash if you use the debit card as credit. I couldn't get cash there. So off to the grocery store where I have a card with them and can get cash that way (after getting a bottle of water for myself so I could get money over the purchase amount). I got the quarters and headed back to the car wash.

Next I went ahead through the automated wash and got a nice bath with the works. Then I went to the vacuum cleaner and it only took $1 and 4 minutes to get him cleaned off. From there, I went to the auto parts store and grabbed some McGuire's Scratch-X and microfiber towels.

After getting him home, I grabbed the rugs first, and got them in. The day before I was able to vacuum and clean them, and glue down the emblem on the driver rug. Once the rugs were in, I stuffed my toolbox in the back shelf, stored some other stuff you'd need on the road like antifreeze, winsheild wiper fluid, and the like. I also stored the snow brush (hoping now we are over winter). I found that the sunshade I had for my car also fits the windshield of the van so I can still use that. I also put in a storage tote so that I can put groceries in it.

Lastly I went about buffing out the scratches on the hood. They didn't all come out but I got it so that at least you can't tell from a distance. Eventually I might have to do a paint job on it. I know how, but not easy if you have to do this outside due to weather, etc. But will plan for it eventually, I hope.

After a very late lunch and some rest, I ventured out again and got the CD index and new insurance card in the van (so I have it as well when it takes effect) and proceeded to clean the windsheild. Found out I needed to clean the outside as well. Then I saw the side and back windows were spotty from the car wash so I did the outside of those too. I was quite tired when I got done! While I was cleaning the windows, I noticed one window on the driver side 2nd row was also scratched up along with the roof a little bit. Same type of scratches as was on the hood. Probably from the wind storm. Also he has scratches here and there other places. I didn't feel up to doing all those, so I figure when things warm up more (it already was getting chilly out) I might try again.

But he's looking good for now! My stuff's in there, and he's clean, and all settled in!