New Steering Wheel and Seat Covers


These are the adventures I have with my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. The events are real, but I may have changed names of people involved and left out some identifying details.

New Steering Wheel and Seat Covers - July 24, 2017

I had got a gift card (from a rebate) and coupon from Advance Auto parts so I got a couple things I needed for Big Boy. The old steering wheel cover was a bit slippery. I got it from Dollar Tree. It did help though. But I needed something with a little better grip and that would cover a bit more. Unfortunately the new cover doesn't cover like I would but it is very good, solid, and great grip.

I had just a towel for a seat cover to protect the seat. So I got a nice leather looking seat cover. It also is air-bag compatible but Big Boy does not have side air bags in the front seats. It also came with a separate headrest cover. I like the way it all looks now and also it's safe, and will protect the seat and steering wheel from wear.

I did later put the cover over that broken plastic piece at the bottom of the seat. At least that should help keep it in place. If not, I might resort to a duct tape solution.