Magnet Theft


These are the adventures I have with my 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. The events are real, but I may have changed names of people involved and left out some identifying details.

Magnet Theft - April 3, 2017

The magnets I had on the back to commemorate fallen law enforcement officers had lasted through wind storms, snow storms, you name it. Then on a clear night the were stolen! At least I think it happened overnight. I noticed them missing when I went to the grocery store to get food and came out looking for my van. I don't think anyone would have removed them in broad daylight at a grocery store but who knows?

Many thanks to our town police dept. for taking the report and pointing me to the right person to get new magnets for Big Boy! They are much smaller but at least they are back on. This helps me find my car in a parking lot as well! And above all, shows my support for the fallen officers and families.