Tika Carr


Welcome to my website! I have a variety of interests which seem to change every so often. Some of my interests I will share here.

Arts & Crafts

I enjoy coloring, painting (mostly watercolor or acrylics), zentangle, drawing and illustration. I am an Art Instruction Schools graduate. I also enjoy digital art such as scrapbooking, digital painting, vector art using Inkscape and 3D art using Blender. Most of the time I use GIMP.

Some crafts things I like to do are decoupage (especially vintage), paper crafts, macramè and sewing.


I work as a web server adminstartor and programmer, and occasionally design web sites and update content.

I use Debian 8 Linux (aka "Jessie") for my operating system. At work we use Ubuntu Servers. I am most skilled at HTML5/CSS3, PHP, MySQL, and Perl. I dabble a bit with Python, App Inventor (Android), and some JavaScript. I also sometimes use C or C++. I had learned a lot of languages in my 35+ years of programming (both professionally and as a hobby) and some of which I forgot a lot of as I don't normally use them. But I'm good at picking up on things and relearning.

I also have written various technical articles over the years and have designed and maintained a few web sites. I started developing web sites as soon as the world wide web was open to the public (when it was just text and hyperlinks)!


I'm in my 50s and live a rather quiet life. I have a chronic illness which keeps me at or around home most of the time. I have some strong opinions about some things but most of the time I've kept my opinions to myself due to the way people react. I do not like to use labels so I generally describe myself as spiritual, non-political, and pretty much a plain everyday person.